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A result of company\\\\\\\'s development, expansion of foreign trade needs, Shandong River Wooden Co., Ltd. will be paid to hire sales manager and foreign trade operations staff now .

    Specific requirements:

     1, with more than two years import and export of wood science and technology and other related work experience, have a strong ability to open up foreign markets, and team-building capacity; conduct foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, development, maintenance of foreign customers

     2, proficient in foreign trade processes, and international trade-related laws, familiar with international law and other kinds of laws and regulations; able to collect market information, market analysis reports submitted.

     3, fluent in English, proficiency in written and oral expression. Able to skilled communication with foreign clients and conduct negotiations on import and export business and operations.

     4, with strong communication and coordination ability, initiative, and has a high professionalism, accountability, and team spirit

   Contact: Mr Liu Manager

   Contact Phone: 13792955888


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