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     Water drips  down  into small streamlets,which gather to many small rivers,striding proudly ahead to walk away from mountains.Then they become the original headstream.With the pain and precipitation of billions years,nature gestates our river of life.The great rivers comes from jokul,from time immemorial,here,it collects yihe¡¢suhe¡¢benghe running toward the sea.Starting from here,innumerable twists and turns,we have a familiar name-RIVER!
    River,is a grand gift from nature,we need a sincere heart to accept it.We drink water from River, contemplate the source of River, and pay attention to the sound of River ,and see the scenery of River.We are eager to approach further River.
   Time is never-ending and is perpetual,maybe in an aeon,or in the next aeon.The   river water will not dry up ever ,from our eyesight.This is an eternal praise to life.

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